Outdoor gear built in Sweet Home Alabama 

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(Hardware is imported, Its just not available in the USA or we use it)

​            This product was inspired from an incident that happened in 2015 to one of our fellow Kayakers and is repeated too often, he wound up in the water and we assume he lost his kayak.  If you’re out and things go bad and you end up in the water, unless you are close to shore you MUST stay with your kayak. At that point your kayak becomes less your hobby and more your life raft. Staying with your kayak can be very difficult when the wind and waves are high.  The act of falling out can push your boat away, the waves and wind can then take it over and push it out of your reach.  A member of the Coast Guard told me once when they are called out for lost kayakers they never find them, just their kayak.

                The CK-Kayak Leash is a simple but very effective way of staying connected. Our goal was to raise awareness of this danger while making available a solution that is very affordable and effective.

                Our design is a simple 8 foot leash with a carabiner in each end that is rolled into a small tight roll that simply clips onto your seat and your vest. The roll is designed in such a way that it is held together with Velcro straps but will deploy when you apply enough tension, (like falling out of your kayak). One end stays clipped to your seat at all times, when you’re seated and ready to go, clip in. Make this a habit just as you do the seat belt in your car.

                It's small and stores out of the way even when in use. It’s worth the little extra effort to make sure you can get back to your boat.