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(Hardware is imported, Its just not available in the USA or we use it)

​CK Kayak Carts and Wheel Upgrades

           There are a lot of kayak carts out there. They all do the same thing, some just do it better. With many years of kayaking in about every condition I knew what I was looking for. I have had several carts over the years, some were pretty good, some I had rather carry the kayak than to use the cart. 

          We chose not to carry the low end carts, they are a waste of time and your money.  Quality kayak carts are not cheep but they shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.  A good value delivers a good quality frame and hardware paired with Very High Quality Balloon Wheels at a reasonable price, this is what we offer.

         Choosing the right model for you.:

          We have two models to choose from that will cover most needs,  the supper hole model and the traditional model.  Picking the right cart doesn't mean picking the supper hole model just because you have a "Sit on Top" kayak with scupper holes.

       I personally have several kayaks. One example is my Hobie Outback.  It is a SOT with scupper holes. Although the Scupper Hole Model is designed to work with it, I use the traditional cart with it. I sometimes pull my kayak quite a distance to get to the beach area I plan to launch from. The scupper holes in the Outback are so far back it is not balanced very well and puts a lot of weight on my arm. This can be pretty tiring.  With the traditional cart I an adjust the position of the wheels and put what ever weight I want on the front. I normally adjust it to very near a balance, just three or four pounds on my arm.  With our Revo 11 I always use the Scupper Hole model. 

Beach Balloon Wheels

       I am getting on up in the years and was getting pretty worried about having to slow down on my off shore stuff. I don't want to slow down, ever, but the sugar sand was taking a real toll on me.  Dragging a kayak whether on a cart on just across the sand was like playing Tug-of-War with an elephant and I was loosing. Beach wheels were the answer. Float on top of the sand,  not like a plow horse plowing through the sand. 

        Beach wheels are not cheap but have added many years to my kayaking pleasures. Just keep the pressure to 3 - 4 pounds and you will get many years and miles out of them. I think like me, you will find they are worth their weight in gold.

Talk a look at our videos and see both in action.


Video Traditional Beach Cart in action